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Metamorphic offers Interior Design Services for new or existing residential spaces – from light refurbishment, to extensions and new buildings.

Metamorphic Residential Interior Design

“Our interiors solutions balance form with function – the beauty with the practical – in a timeless style that is build to last.”

Penny Morse

Using the right blend of services across four design stages ensures a tailored approach to all projects, whether large or small.

Programming and Space Planning

  • Interview to determine client needs, schedules and budgets.
  • Establish functional and aesthetics goals.
  •  Inventory existing furnishings and other items to be reused.
  • Provide space plans with furniture layouts.
  • Assist in developing the project timeline.

Interior Design

  • Develop budgets on all interior finishes and furnishings, as well as budgets for interior improvements.
  • Assist in material, finish and furnishings analysis, recommendations and specifications.
  • Design all interior details.
  • Provide sketches and/or presentation boards of all interior selections and furnishings.
  • Review and coordinate furniture layouts with lighting and electrical plans.
  • Coordinate art and decorative accessories.
  • Coordinate interior plant selections and placement.

Construction Documents

  • Demolition/new partition plans
  • Electrical layouts/plumbing layouts
  • Reflected ceiling plans/lighting plans
  • Wall and floor finish plans and schedules
  •  Interior details and design as required, including cabinets etc.

Project Administration

  • Coordinate and review drawings with contractors.
  • Maintain project schedules.
  • Review all pricing.
  • Provide on-site inspections during construction.
  • Provide lists of all outstanding work to be completed