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2/69 McMinn St

This is a fairly typical 3-bedroom apartment in Darwin city. The shared bathroom and ensuite were very dated and, like many of these old apartments, felt ridiculously small and poky.

Time to get creative…within reason of course! The owners had a wish list for the renovation including using patterned floor tiles, adding a bathtub in the shared bathroom, adding more practical storage and making the ensuite feel BIGGER!

A few simple strategies were used here to increase the feeling of space and light. We added much larger mirrors in order to reflect light from the windows and the wall behind. We designed built-in cabinets behind the mirror doors which gave loads of extra storage at eye height. We made the vanities much longer with larger, more practical basins, and supported the cabinets from the wall so they appeared to be floating. (This not only allows for much easier cleaning but gives the illusion of a larger floor area.)

For the wall tiles, we chose an inexpensive plain white gloss as we not only wanted to contain the budget but to make the floor tile the main feature. Finally, and most importantly, we used frameless clear glass shower screens so they were virtually invisible and did not visually cut into the room.

And we achieved all of this without any significant changes to the existing plumbing layout and without disturbing the neighbours! Woohoo!